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About  Us

Who We Are

Operated by accomplished Registered Nurses with a proven track record in delivering exceptional medical concierge care, Shive Luxury Concierge Nursing boasts a skilled team with over a decade of collective experience in acute care, behavioral health, hospice, and corporate health care management.

Specializing in luxury mobile services, Shive Luxury Concierge Nursing is dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance for pre-surgery coordination, post-operative recovery, senior care partnerships, health & wellness education and employee health. We approach every client's unique situation with a commitment to safety, offering an elevated and personalized experience through careful planning, education, and care.

We prioritize our clients' safety and comfort, creating an environment focused solely on educating and healing. Our mission is to enable clients to be informed, relax, learn and heal in luxury, surrounded by a tranquil atmosphere tailored for optimal comfort and care.

At Shive Luxury Concierge Nursing, we uphold the values of privacy, confidentiality, and luxury concierge care to deliver the ultimate Shive Experience.


Meet Nurse Tiff


Tiffany Mason, the founder and proprietor of Shive Luxury Concierge Nursing (a subsidiary of Shive Bodies, LLC), brings over a decade of healthcare expertise to her role. With a diverse background spanning acute care, long-term care, home health, and behavioral/mental health nursing, Tiffany has dedicated the past five years to serving as a medical-surgical tele travel nurse. During this time, she has supported hospitals facing staff shortages, while delivering critical care to seriously ill patients.

Over the last two years, while overseeing Shive Bodies, LLC as a private duty nurse, Tiffany has successfully broadened her client base and extended services to the senior population. Her offerings include physician follow-up assessments, in-home safety checks, health and wellness education for clients, and training for their caregivers.

Her commitment to holistic care is evident in her provision of services such as holistic nutritional consultations, concierge post-operative recovery care, and lymphatic massage for clients of her company.

Her guiding principle, "Proactive vs. Reactive," underscores the company's commitment to proactive planning, aiming to prevent the need for reactive responses.

 Tiffany is a Basic Life Support (BLS) instructor and holds certifications in Acute Care Life Support (ACLS), National Institute of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS), and Lymphatic Massage (CLT). 

While working as an acute care nurse at the hospital bedside, Tiffany observed a notable trend in patient admissions stemming from post-operative surgery complications. Recognizing the potential for prevention through education, Tiffany identified areas such as surgery's impact on mental health, post-operation medication management, and recovery care as crucial aspects lacking awareness. Many patients expressed challenges in securing physical assistance after surgery, prompting Tiffany to envision a company that not only prioritizes holistic wellness but also delivers luxury concierge nursing services to support clients in their recovery journey.

These services meticulously address clients' medical and physical recovery requirements, aligning with physicians' orders. The focus is on delivering personalized care tailored to clients' preferences, fostering a positive luxury concierge nursing experience while promoting ongoing assistance and guidance.


Schedule your Consultation!

Ask me how Shive Luxury Concierge Nursing can cater to you and ensure your health & wellness needs and recovery experience is personalized, detailed and complimented with luxury licensed nursing care.  

Please allow a response time of twenty- four (24) hours. We are always looking for new clients for providing luxury concierge nursing services. Let's connect.


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